Tag Heuer Watches

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Watch WAC1112.BA0850
TAG Heuer Formula 1 Watch WAC1111.BA0850
TAG Heuer Formula 1 Watch CAC1111.BA0850
TAG Heuer Formula 1 Watch WAC1110.BA0850
TAG Heuer Formula 1 Watch CAC1111.BA0850

Tag Heuer Watch History

Edouard Heuer founded his workshop in 1860, he was passionate about precision and wanted to take time measurement to greater heights. Since then, the company has always been in the avant-garde of watch making, whether in terms of technology, the choice of materials or design. From the first patent for a chronograph mechanism in 1882 to the 1998 launch of the Kirium Ti5 in grade 5 titanium and carbon fiber; from the first chronograph measuring 100ths of a second (1916) to the first analog display quartz chronograph (1983), not forgetting the first automatic chronograph with a microrotor (1969), Heuer wrote some of the greatest chapters in watchmaking history. This mastery is reflected in the impressive number of patents making TAG Heuer one of the key references in Swiss Made watch-making know-how. For 142 years, the company has confirmed its initial vocation: producing watches that constantly push back the frontiers of precision, reliability and aesthetics. That is why the TAG Heuer philosophy is symbolized by the slogan “Swiss Avant-Garde since 1860”.

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