Rolex Watches

Home Rolex TimeLine:
bullet1881 Hans Wilsdorf was born in Kulmbach, Germany
bullet1900 Wilsdorf apprentices at a watch exporting firm in La Chaux De Fonds
bullet1905 Wilsdorf founds a firm called Wilsdorf & Davies in London that distributes and soon manufactures watches
bullet1908 Wilsdorf creates the Rolex brand which is believed to be a derivation from the words "Horlogerie Exquise"
bullet1910 Rolex gains recognition as first officially certified chronometer in Switzerland.
bullet1914 Rolex wristwatch gets Class A precision certificate from the Kew Observatory in Great Britain, previously only awarded to marine chronometers
bullet1925 Wilsdorf spends large sums of money advertising the quality of his watches.
bullet1926 Rolex develops the "Rolex Oyster", so named because it is waterproof, dustproof and airtight.
bullet1927 Mercedes Gleitze swims the English Channel with a Rolex Oyster, beginning a long line of endorsements.
bullet1931 Rolex develops the Perpetual Rotor which allows self-winding with slight movements of the watch.
bullet1945 Oyster Datejust developed which displays date automatically.
bullet1953 Rolex develops the Submariner which is waterproof to a depth of 100 Meters.
bullet1956 Oyster Day-Date developed which displays the day of the week ( and the date).
bullet1960 Hans Wilsdorf passes away.
bullet1967 Rolex Oyster Sea-Dweller is developed.
bullet1971 Rolex Oyster Explorer II developed.
bullet1988 Rolex Cosmograph developed with perpetual rotor.
bullet1992 Rolex develops the Yacht-Master

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